Welcome to Protea Wines Japan!

We’re a Tokyo-based wine importer specializing in South African wines. Our mission is to make a variety of high-quality and easy-drinking wines accessible to the Japanese market.

Our suppliers are passionate about wine and its production, and we are thus well-placed to make available a continuum of highly-regarded wines on a regular basis. In this age, there is ample room both for conservative and modern wine production methods to satisfy lovers of tradition as well as experimentation.

Wines from paradise

The wines we list in our catalogue, for purchase by restaurants and wine bars, hail from the Western Cape region of South Africa, famous for the beautiful city of Cape Town, and the meeting of two oceans, the Indian ocean from the east and the Atlantic ocean from the west.

The West Coast of South Africa has a cold current, and a gently-ascending topography to the continental plateau some distance inland, lending its coastline an ideal climate for wines of many different types, some unique to South Africa.

This area was first cultivated in the mid-17th century by the Dutch settlers, followed by a most fruitful addition of French Huegenot immigrants in the mid-18th century, who have indupitably put their stamp on South African wine culture henceforth. Even today, imported French oak is the standard requirement for oak barrels.

Recently, in addition to the traditional areas of cultivation, two new areas have entered the dictionary of South African wine connoisseurs: the Swartland, and the Overberg regions.
The former is a hot and dry area across the first chain of mountains inland from the coast, where the rugged country is ideal for cultivating wines of intense flavour, as well as ports.
The latter, including the Hemel-en-Aarde (heaven on earth) valley near the whale-watching town of Hermanus, boasts a set of micro-climates that beautifully balance the coolness and humidity from the sea with the warmth and dryness of the South African inland.

All of these areas have some superlative wines to offer, and we are confident that even a casual perusal of our list of suppliers and their products will elicit interest and curiousity.

We welcome any trade or other enquiries and contact, please see our contact page for details.


Protea Wines Japan grew out of a long-term dream to bring happiness and serve others by means of that which we are passionate about: namely wines, and sunny South Africa.

After a period of research and introspection, we built up contacts among estates and farms in the Western Cape region of South Africa, with an interest in Japan. This incredible positive energy from like-minded men and women sharing a love of wine is the engine that drives us onward to realize our dream.

Building on our dual Japanese and South African heritage, we blend our access to a personal network of passionate wine producing estates and farms, with decades-long trust earned in Japan, thereby allowing us to serve an ever-increasing variety of both conservative and modern wines for lovers of tradition as well as ecletic palates.

Our primary goal is to make these South African wines more accessible to the Japanese market, via restaurants and wine shops in the Tokyo region and elsewhere in Japan.

We are planning several extra services to be announced publicly in due course, which we hope will draw many more people into the fold of South African wine lovers.

Please stay tuned!


Notice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Last updated: 2020-03-07 Wine appreciation and business as a rule involves the interaction with and meeting between people, often in an international setting. This social aspect is one of the best things about the enjoyment of wine. However, in light of the rapidly-developing new coronavirus situation both in Japan and worldwide, we will enact a …

Rugby World Cup 2019: A Boon for Wine Education

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